how our family creates a memory from our past christmas trees

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each year my husband, three children and i go to a local christmas tree farm to choose the perfect christmas tree.

when we arrive at the farm we tell the children to see which tree smells the most like candy canes, the one that they choose is the tree that my husband and oldest son cut down and comes home with us.

to me it doesn’t matter if the tree looks the prettiest, is the fluffiest, or has the best ornament hanging branches, as long as the little ones are excited about the tree they’ve chosen. as the years go by we won’t remember exactly what each tree looks like. what we remember is the experiences we had that year. riding the pony, feeding the animals, drinking too hot hot chocolate. some years it is mild out and we only need light jackets, other years it is freezing and we are bundled up from head to toe.

we’re lucky to live in an area with a handful of farms that we can choose and cut down our own christmas tree. while we’re there the farm also offers pony rides, we feed the animals in the petting zoo, go for a horse + carriage ride, a hay ride and then we finish off our visit sitting by the campfire roasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate.

at the end of the day, i want them to look back at each year and love the traditions we’ve created together.


we’ve been creating memories out of each christmas tree for the past three years to help us remember our favourite memories!

at the end of each year once it’s time to compost the tree we cut off a piece of the bottom, drill a small hole along the top, attach ribbon or twine to it and create an ornament.

i write the year on one side and along the back we write our favourite memory of that year.

as the next christmas comes around and we hang all the past christmas tree ornaments up we get to look back on our past memories. i am looking forward to a time when the tree is completely full of our memory ornaments and that when the little ones are grown they can look back on their childhood moments ♥

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  1. I absolutely love this! Wish I had come across this idea before I threw out my tree this year lol but will certainly do this for years to come. 😊

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