my seven goals + resolutions for 2018


happy 2018 everyone!

i don’t typically make resolutions for myself each year, i usually have a goal or small bucket list to complete before the end of the year. my yearly bucket lists are usually filled with things that are on the “easier” side or things that i have been meaning to get done anyways (example: buy a new mattress, redecorate the boys room, dye my hair a fun colour, etc)

as much as i love the idea of having a yearly goal/bucket list i thought i would mix it up for 2018 and have my yearly list filled with both goals + resolutions.

  • healthier lifestyle

i feel like this is the obvious resolution choice and likely #1 on most lists. while i do workout a few days a week and don’t have a bad diet i would like to try to make it more of a priority in my life. i’ve been going to a weekly yoga class with a friend for the last two months and i’ve completely fallen in love with it. I want to keep going to one class per week as well as follow up with one or two at home yoga videos (maybe squeeze in a second class at some point? maybe that’s for 2019)

i would like to be mindful of what i am eating and that i keep my body moving.

  • travel + build more experiences

i like to think of myself as an extreme introvert, i don’t really leave the house much. aside from my weekly yoga class, driving the kids to school/ activities + work i don’t do too much outside of my home. this year i would like to make a solid effort to lightly travel with my family.

i’m not talking about out of the country or an all inclusive vacation (maybe a goal for 2019). i want to start light and go for day outings like the aquarium, local farmers market, craft shows, or overnight (or two) trips to niagara falls, montreal and similar.

a couple of days ago i did book a two night trip to great wolf lodge so i hope i can keep it up through the year! i would love to build more experiences and memories with the little ones.

  • take better care of myself 

another one of my 2018 goals is to take better care of myself overall. i started a skin care routine, started to take better care of my hair and am working towards a manageable workout routine.

aside from taking care of my appearance i am working towards taking better care of my mental health. i have extreme anxiety (but really, don’t most of us?) and would like to find the best way to manage it.

  • redecorate the office

i need to redecorate my office!

i LOVE decorating and i’m so excited to start. I already have a new desk and chair sitting in a box beside my current desk but i want to do it all over all at once. i made a list of everything i need to purchase and move around (mostly ikea + local small business purchases). when this is all finished i’ll definitely do an office reveal. if you have any recommendations where i can purchase small office decor make sure to leave it in the comments!

  • shop local

i love shopping local and try to do the best i can to shop at small and home businesses. i find that i end up leaving too many things to the last minute though and end up going to a big box store for my last minute purchases.

this year one of my goals is to think ahead and shop local as often as possible.

if you have a small business, make sure to leave a comment with a shop link. i would love to take a look.

  • answer my text messages

because i’m horrible at it + need to communicate with my friends more.

  • read more educational + science based books

i want to read more educational books. i love history, science + art. i already listen to audiobooks regularly so my goal is to incorporate more educational literature into my routine.


this is a pretty ambitious list for me and i’m so excited for what 2018 has to bring?

what are some of your goals + resolutions for this year?

10 thoughts on “my seven goals + resolutions for 2018”

  1. Love all of your goals! I want more experiences and travel in my 2018 as well! I love doing things like traveling, going to concerts, shopping in new places, and eating at new restaurants. I am hopeful that in 2018 I will get to new places and do new things.

  2. I feel your hesitancy towards making resolutions. I too want to makeover my office space but not sure quite yet how to. Number six cracked me up. Family and friends have mostly stopped texting me because I typically do not have my phone with me or I have it on vibrate. Great goals and I wish you the best of luck.

  3. I love your goals and I share many of them. Another one of mine is to be more patient with my kids, more loving with my words and more present when I am with them.

  4. Haha I’m with you on responding to texts. Sometimes you think respond to them, other times you forget you even got them. It happens! Also shopping local is one of my goals too! I think it’s so important to invest in your community, and part of that is investing into local companies!

    Have a wonderful 2018, best of luck to you with your goals and resolutions!



  5. This is such a great list. I heard someone this year set “intentions” instead of “resolutions” and I kind of liked the difference. Your list fits more in the intentions category for me. And I LOVE that you have prioritized experiences. So important and memorable!

  6. Our goals are very similar! This year I’ve already redecorated my office. And I’m working on becoming healthier & taking better care of myself. I created a meal plan, too. I just need to stick to it lol. Good luck with everything!

  7. I can completely agree to the “answer my text messages” one! I always respond in my head and not on the actual phone LOL

  8. Your goals are very realistic and I am sure you are going to accomplish them all this year. My goal is to have more “me” time. I really need to take time off for myself because I don’t want the stress to make me sick.

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