what i got my husband for valentines day


i always have a tough time thinking of gifts for my husband. he has a few hobbies but he already has everything he needs (and the things on his wish list are way out of budget for us, valentines day isn’t a holiday we go over the top with).

we just got back from a family trip so we didn’t want to go too “big” gift wise.

my usual go-to gift, going out for either dinner or a fun evening out together, doesn’t work out with valentines day falling on a wednesday. with no sitter for us in sight it was fairly easy for us to come to the conclusion that it will be low key this year.

i was looking around the internet, as i do, and came across star maps multiple times over the last few months. i loved the idea of this and thought it was so sweet.

there were quite a few companies to choose from but i ended up ordering his star map from greater skies.

i liked how minimal and clean their star maps looked compared to others. the star map is a copy of how the stars and constellations appeared on our wedding day.

i printed an 11×14 and i placed it in a classic, white frame.


another valentines day staple is chocolate.

i didn’t want to grab chocolate from a big box store since one of my goals this year is to shop more small + local. i ended up finding an amazing chocolatier that has a shop in town. nothing but amazing things to say about them so far!

filled with all dark chocolate.

and of course, a card.


what did you get or do with your significant other for valentines day?

7 thoughts on “what i got my husband for valentines day”

  1. What a great idea! I love the simplicity yet thoughtfulness in it. I wish I had known about Greater Skies, but his birthday isn’t too far away. This year (also keeping it small) I made him a gift basket filled with tons of snacks from TJMaxx. He loves that kind of stuff! 🙂

  2. That is a darling idea!! Love star maps!! This year my husband got, nothing, we decided many years ago not to celebrate valentines day, instead we pick random days and celebrate our love!!

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